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Ищу мужчину Долговременные отношения / брак - timelove32 | Сиэтл | Нигерия

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timelove32 Лев
Нигерия, Вашингтон, Сиэтл

Я женщина, 40 лет
Ищу мужчину Возраст от 49 до 69


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Обо мне
День рождения: 1978-08-15 
Тип отношений: Долговременные отношения / брак
Страна: Нигерия
Регион: Вашингтон
Город: Сиэтл
О себе: About my life and what I'm looking for I am a very happy good lucky girl that likes to have fun, but knows when to be serious. I live my life Work Hard Play Hard. I enjoy meeting new people. I want to meet someone who is settle and who will enjoy being together. I want to meet someone who won't play games and willing to be in a committed realtionship without drama. I want to be with someone that I can trust and who can trust me. Trust is very important in any relationship. I want to meet someone who will be willing to accept my 5 year old into their family. I am not asking for a replacement father as he has one, but someone who will enjoy being around them. What I have to offer is a big heart and lots of love. I will adore the person that I with and will charish every minute of them.I am very family-orientied and will do anything for the love of my life. One of the biggest goals that I have is to make that person happy. I believe that a strong, secure relationship builds great foundations for all other aspects of life. I am looking for someone who will enjoy our time no matter what is on the agenda. I would best describe myself as an independent woman. I am confident, quick witted and y. The reason I signed up for this is to find my soul mate. I know your out there, I just haven't found you yet. If you enjoy travel, intelligent conversations, food and wine, and laughter then let's talk. I prefer honesty above all else. I can take anything you throw at me as long as your honest. I find strength and boldness are extremely y in a man. Ideally, I would like to meet someone who has dreams and ambition, just as I have and who wants to share them. 
Внешний вид
Рост: 1.70 м
Вес: 59 кг
Цвет волос: Светло-рыжие
Цвет глаз: Голубые
Тип фигуры: Худое
Самая красивая часть тела: Волосы
Раса: Светлокожий
Семейное положение: Разведён / разведена
Количество детей: Один
Хочу детей: Не уверен
Живу: С детьми
Домашние животные: Собаки
Профессия: Секретарь
Зарплата: По-другому
Образование: Высшее
Специальность: Научное образование
Знание языков: Английский
Стиль жизни
Политические взгляды: Другое
Увлечения: Приготовление пищи
Любимый вид спорта: Другое
Религия: Христианство
Курение: Не курю
Алкоголь: Не пью
Люблю выпить: Не важно
Питание: Свежие продукты
Любимая музыка: Поп
Чувство юмора: Дружелюбный

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